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Public Sector Strengthening

Expanding SRH service provision and delivering advocacy in rural Ghana through Ghana Health Service facilities

A Total market approach

MSI Ghana aims to work within and help improve the health systems countrywide.

We currently work in partnership with public health systems (Ghana Health Service) across Ghana to help strengthen existing services and we call this a ‘total market approach’. Through this approach, we expand the choices available to women and help to build capacity.

Expanding our service provision

We deliver services through our partner network of clinics, midwives and pharmacies.

Through our partnerships with a range of healthcare providers, know as our BlueStar Network Ghana, we provide ongoing training and equipment in order to expand access to high-quality family planning and pregnancy crisis management services.

This helps us to provide services to more people across Ghana than ever before and, most importantly, ensuring quality standards for our clients.

Policy and advocacy

We currently play an ever more active role in helping to ensure that the progressive policies are understood and implemented.

Advocacy has never been more important for our mission. As part of our governing 2020 strategy, Scaling-up Excellence, we recognise that providing services alone will not secure universal access to quality services, and that to catalyse real change we need to transform the environments in which we operate.